Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A very busy day!

(Cameron Writing)
Today is an exciting day for us. We have already been to the large open air market in Antigua. It was our first experience in the market (which was marked by going in the wrong direction because we forgot our map). We ended up walking all the way out of Antigua before we figured out we were not close to the market and called on a Tuk-Tuk to take us. (The Tuk-Tuk was a very interesting experience that I may explain in more detail later)

We didn't buy much at the market this time. In fact, we bought some toilet paper (we were out) and some pirated DVD's which we had the guy test for us and they all looked legit.

Right now we are heading to Las Palmas to meet the current team from Agua Viva for lunch. We're excited to meet some of the people we'll be working with. After lunch, we're going on a little field trip with CSA. (I haven't been on a field trip since my senior year of high school!) Jessie and I, along with our teachers are going to a macadamia nut farm just outside of the city. I've been told that it's a really neat place and that they use a face lotion created from the nuts and give you a face massage. It should be interesting.

We are also planning to visit a local Christian Cafe and attend the wednesday night service which is in english.

That's it for now but we'll try to update later this evening and let you know how everything went.

Also, send up a prayer for the Haiti team from Hillview that left this morning. We know God's going to use them. (Although I think we did lose half of our readership!)



  1. Hope the field trip was fun. You'll have to fill us in on the nutty facials! I'm anxious too to hear about the connection with the csa team. Sounds like awesome experiences.

  2. I love that the dvd's looked legit for pirated ones.:)