Wednesday, June 23, 2010


(Cameron Writing)

Hey guys! Today was day 3 for us at the Christian Span
ish Academy. I think it's going very well and I'm certainly learning a lot. Matt, Jessie, and I held a long conversation with Livia (our host mother) today over lunch. She told us all about why she liked the Brazil and Argentina soccer teams in the World Cup and all about her family which is very large. She has children living in Guatemala, Mexico, LA, Boston, and New York. Right now, we are sitting in a cafe near the central park and Jessie is working on her homework (I should be doing the same). I'll post a couple of pictures we took today.
(Jessie Writing)
Today was my best day at school so far. I can tell the information is really sticking! There were several exercises that we did in the work book that I completed without hardly any help from my teacher! I felt it was the sign of fast learning!

Today after class I showed my teacher Agua Viva's website and told her a little more about it. I don't know if I mentioned before, but my teacher actually lives in Chimaltenango, where Agua Viva is located. She had never heard of it, so she was eager to see some pictures and perhaps directions on how to get there.

She doesn't speak much English to me and I've wondered just how much she actually knows. She mentioned to me today when we were talking about A.V. that if we had time maybe I could teach her some English and she could continue to teach me Spanish. I see the beginnings of a friendship here :) She is very interested in customs and phrases from the United States, so whenever I can, I tell her what we say or do and she seems to love learning new things. Actually today we were talking about professions and the Spanish word for barber is barbero. I told her that in Kentucky, Barbaro is known to be a famous horse that won the Kentucky Derby! She laughed and laughed at the thought of a horse being named, "Barber."

Cameron went a little picture crazy today because he didn't take any yesterday, so here is one of his more artsy shots. He is very proud of it...


  1. Oh, you all...reading your blog is so bittersweet for me! It makes my heart ache deeply for Guatemala!!!
    Jessie, that is so cool that your teacher is from Chimal! How amazing that a friendship is beginning...God put you with her for a reason!
    Cameron, you absolutely captured Antigua with that last picture. Those streets hold many stubbed toes and near falls in flip-flops :), along with some amazing conversations and memories. Love that shot
    Your story so far has us thinking we may head to CSA during some Guate trip in the future. I for sure need the work and Scott always loves more practice.
    Any plans to head to Agua Viva some weekend or are you still soaking up Antigua?
    It makes us both SOOO excited that you all are experiencing this and makes us miss it at the same time!
    Love you all and praying for you!!

  2. Love the pictures. We look forward to each days post. Jessie, Grandad is going fishing with the gang Fri. I know he'll have a great time. Heat index here is staying in the high 90s and very humid. Awful weather for the campers. Love you and praying for every aspect of your trip. Granny

  3. You need to start downloading some of your good pictures to Shutterfly to make a book!

  4. The pictures you take are amazing. Id love to see your smiling faces in some too! Would love some insight on the building in this post. What's up with it?! Is it falling down? It looks so cool. Did you go in it? Love the blog!