Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Las clases de espanol...

Well day 2 of class is over for us and we are learning a ton! We both like our teachers and have enjoyed the one-on-one instruction very much. It is definitely the way to go when learning another language, that's for sure!

(Jessie Writing)
My teacher's name is Mirna and she is very sweet. She has 5 sons and when I told her about Cameron's family she smiled and I could tell she loved that. She doesn't speak hardly any English to me.. even when explaining things. However, I think this has been good for me because it makes me constantly keep up with the vocabulary she uses and I think I'm learning much quicker because of it. I can tell I am going to learn a lot here and I hope that after
3 weeks I will have a lot to show for it! Mirna asked me if I wanted a lot of homework, a little homework, or no homework at all! I told her that she was not like the teachers in the U.S.- they assign homework based on what they want to assign! I told her that I wanted a good amount of homework though because I know that I definitely need to practice outside of class or I'm not going to learn a thing. Mostly right now I'm working on vocabulary though... so it's just a lot of memorization. All is going really well though, and I'm excited to learn more every day!

(Cameron Writing)
For the first time in all my years of trying to learn spanish I am actually enjoying it. I have already learned more in two days here than I did in two semesters at BSU. I am thinking in spanish (which I think is a good sign). I am getting tired though as four straight hours of thinking and talking in spanish wear me out. I think I'll go back and work on homework and take a nap this afternoon. I'll try to take some more pictures this afternoon as well and have those for you later tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful and challenging experience for you both! You'll have to start practicing whenever you are out and about to see how well you are getting it! I might try to pick up a bit too, so watch for my posts down the road. Jessie - check your email if you get a chance. Nothing wrong, just some details. Love you both - Mom