Sunday, June 20, 2010

Parque Central

The cultural center for Antigua is a placed called Parque Central or Central Park. It is a fun place and there are always people doing all sorts of things. Jessie and I have spent some time there the past few days just watching people and enjoying the beautiful weather.
There are a few stories we want to tell you about our time in Central Park. First of all, there are many vendors of all types. Yesterday, a little boy that couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 asked if he could shine my white tennis shoes. I said no gracias and he looked disgusted. As he walked away he muttered to me, "Your shoes a dirrrrty" in English. I couldn't help but chuckle.
Today, a woman selling necklaces began talking with us. Most sellers simply shove the necklace in your face and ask you if you want to buy one. She, however, asked us where we were from, our names, and how long we would be staying in Antigua. She was very nice and it gave me a chance to hold a conversation with a native speaker. I was actually very proud of how well I was able to communicate with her. She made her pitch and kept lowering the price. I finally told her, "No compro la hoy." (I'm not buying today).
Just a few minutes after the woman left, a little boy that looked about 4 years old came over and tried to sell Jessie a sash. We told him we weren't buying but he made it very difficult for Jessie to say no. He just looked so cute and sad. However, we didn't buy from him, maybe another day.

There are also some very funny sights from the park. I'll include the one I enjoyed the most. It needs a good caption so if you can think of one then please tell us in the comment section. (We love reading your comments so keep 'em coming!)


  1. I love posting! You may get tired of me. We had Father's Day dinner here. Of course Corey and Lindsay and Shane couldn't be here and we missed you but it was nice. Rita and John were surprised with the yard and deck and the surprises that we did in the house. It is HOT here. Love you. Granny

  2. Hey Cameron and Jessie!
    Your post made me remember a woman named "Ruth" who sells items in the square every day. Ask the other vendors where she is (they all know eachother). Tell her you are friends of ours. She will remember us, but if she doesn't, ask her if she remembers Jeff and Krisanne. She's so sweet (but will keep asking you to buy). Just strike up a friendship and buy one or two things. We would take any leftovers to her for her family when we had them. She takes a bus in every morning to sell.
    Also, there is the tallest woman we ever saw there in one of the small tiendas on the square. You've got to see her and buy a coke, they've got a really cold fridge they are in.
    Solo habla en Espanol juntos por favor!

  3. That could be me and Hoss! Hoss would look very cool in shades, sitting in a park in Guatemala :-)

    The guys forgot the morning devos so, Lindsay and I took them up last night to camp. Sam seemed a little out of sorts without you Cameron. Or, maybe he was just a little tired still from his trip. I am not sure how many students they have but, oh my goodness, they have TONS! It looks like its going to be a great week. Katie from Nite Life is there. Awesome! It is soooo hot here!

    I hope school went well for you guys....

  4. Trying to set up a profile so that I am not always adding another follower to your list when I write, but you know how challenging this kind of stuff is for me. You must have had homework since you didn't post anything on Mon. I don't know how you will be able to say no to all the vendors for long. Love you. Hope this works.

  5. I think I've done it with a picture. Just testing and then going to bed :)