Saturday, June 26, 2010

This 'n That

Hello! I know it's been a few days since our last post so we thought we would update you again.

(Jessie Writing)
I FOUND IT. The perfect dessert, that is. It is a tartletta de limon from a place we frequent- Cafe Barista. I realize that this is not a traditional Guatemalan dessert or really anything special.. except for the fact that Cafe Barista has perfected the lemon tart. The lemon filling is a perfectly divine combination of sweet and sour and is the perfect consistency. The crust is flaky and the perfect buttery flavor. And the meringue on top is the best I've ever had. Not too sticky like a marshmallow, but stands at just the right height and is browned on the top. I've had this little slice of heaven 3 times now, and I'm pretty sure by the end of our time in Antigua I will be a "usual" at the Cafe Barista. I may also weigh 20 extra pounds.. but who cares when you experience something this good, right?! I'd love to make this when we get back. I'm thinking the Barefoot Contessa may have a good recipe. Seems up her alley. (I've eaten my lemon tart too quickly for Cameron to get a picture, but the next time I have one I'll take a picture so you can see it!)

Speaking of food, Cameron and I went to a wonderful restaurant last night that came highly recommended by his teacher. The place is called Queso y Vino (Cheese and Wine). It was beautiful! We went around dusk so the colors of the sunset and the atmosphere were simply breathtaking. Cameron got a personal pizza and I got a pasta. We both had sodas and it was all SO good! Cameron said it was the best pizza he's ever had... and if you know Cameron you know that's a big deal! The best part is that we got it all for about 146 Quetzalas- that's about $18! Pretty good deal! We definitely plan to go back!

Sorry I get a little carried away when I find good food... anyway.

We finished our first week at school pretty strong. Cameron and I are both very happy with how far we've gotten in just 5 days. I'm looking forward to continuing next week and I expect to be testing into the next book (Grade B) by the end of next week. I suspect Cameron will be moving up at the same time.

(Cameron Writing)
Ummm.... actually I'm not sure that I'll be progressing in the the Grade B book next week. Jessie and her teacher seem to be moving a little bit faster than I am. I still feel very good about the progress I've made. I feel like if the natives speak slowly enough to me that I can understand most of what they say. I've tried to start conversations during meals with Carlos and I've enjoyed hearing his perspective on things. Today we discussed the current president of Guatemala and the many problems plaguing the country's politics. Carlos is not a fan of the current president (neither is my teacher) and he is worried because the president's wife is planning to run for president next year. (side note: the president can only serve one 4 year term in Guatemala, which it seems to me, make the president even less accountable to the people)

Moving on, Jessie and I have both been able to do a lot of reading when we aren't studying spanish or exploring Antigua. We've both finished two books already and are started on the 3rd for each of us.

Sorry it's been a couple of days since our last update. We've kind of settled into a pretty regular schedule with school and haven't had a whole lot of exciting things to write about. Although one exciting thing did happen a couple of days ago with Jessie slipped and fell as she was getting out of our shower. She grabbed anything and everything on her way down and tore both the shower curtains and break the toilet seat. I've fixed most of it but I need to get some super glue to fix the toilet seat. She's ok now... just paranoid when climbing out of the shower.

We will include a picture that a tourists took of both of us. (Donna this is for you!)


  1. Well, Granny was getting a little impatient but I understand. Your post don't have to be long, just a quick note and a beautiful picture, maybe of the house where you are staying :) I love this one of you together. It was 98 here today. Cody invited the guy he is caddying for the PGA this week to supper at their house. His family was with him. Hope he does well! Grandad is there and ready to fish! Love you guys.p.s. Glad that Jessie is ok.

  2. Hey guys, speaking of food, we remembered that we needed to tell you about our favorite drinks in Guatemala. Next time at a restaurant, give a limonada con soda or naranja con soda a try. I like the limonada and Sophie likes the naranja. It's a bubbly spin on traditional lemonade and orange juice!

  3. Oh! Hope you've made it to the market too. We stocked up on DVD's and jerseys while we were there (only get the DVD's that say 100%, otherwise they are taped inside movie theaters). The woman right at the entrance with the jerseys (Maria I think) is really sweet. You'll recognize her b/c she hangs the jerseys on her shirt and exposing her bra!! A little awkward. If you can, make a deal with her for jerseys. Tell her you'll be bringing tourists there and if she gives you a good price, you'll tell them all to buy from her. We got great deals for the teams we brought. I think we got them for Q50 a piece.

  4. Scott and Sophie,

    Jessie loves the limonada con soda. I'm not a huge fan so I'll try the naranja con soda. We're actually sitting in Pollo Compero right now! We haven't been to the market yet but we'll be going this week. We'll be sure to look for Maria. We'll get some DVDs too! Thanks for giving us advice!

  5. Hi, This is your Nana speaking.

    Glad to get to read your blog and see some pictures.(Take lots of pictures ok?) I have been very sick for two weeks now but I am finally starting to feel better. It has given me lots of time to pray for you both. I am spending the day at your moms house today for a change of scenery for I am sick to death of my four wall! Take care and stay happy!
    Love You both

  6. Hi Nana,

    We are glad that you are feeling a little bit better! Thank you for praying for us, I know you are always thinking of us :) We love you so much and we are taking lots of pictures! Hope you feel all the way better soon!

    Jessie and Cameron

  7. A good day worshipping today. We were down a little I think. Friends from Dallas/Ft. Worth area were there. Grandad and I went to college with their sister and brother-in-law, in fact she was my roommate one year.Trying to find her on fb but havent' been succssful. The man was a good friend of Earl's. Glad S&S can give you advice - that's neat. Love Granny

  8. So much fun to see you both and chat!!! I could not have asked for a better Sunday. Thank you! All my love, Momma

  9. I'm glad you guys are doing so well. I was excited to get to text you guys yesterday! Hope that wasn't costing you a fortune, but I guess you guys looked into that ahead of time.

    Cameron, it was an awesome week of camp. All in all, the shinanigans (I'm convinced there is no right way to spell that word.) played a very small part in the week. Your videos were very good, and I think they were responsible for some camp romances. haha. The devos were equally good. I felt like they pushed our kids into a mode of really digesting what happened in the text.

    Watching Katie develop in her faith so quickly throughout the week was really cool. She has a soft and willing heart, and getting to baptize her was indescribable.

    We'll continue praying for you. Love you!