Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 2- Exploration!

Hola! (See, we really are learning some Spanish! lol)

Yesterday we explored Antigua all morning. It really is a beautiful city and it is small enough that we can walk nearly everywhere we want to go in no more than 20 to 30 minutes. Let me tell you a little history about Antigua. Antigua was founded in 1543 when Guatemalan authorities decided to relocate the capital. Antigua served as the capital for the Spanish colony of Guatemala for nearly 200 years. Two large earthquakes devastated Antigua during the 1700's, the first in 1717 and the second in 1773. Following the second earthquake authorities decided to move the capital from Antigua to where present day Guatemala City stands.

There are several beautiful buildings and cathedrals around the city and we will post pictures so you can see them.

As far as our experiences since we last posted yesterday, after exploring during the morning we got unpacked and rested during the afternoon. We spent the evening after dinner relaxing in our room and playing cards (Jessie kicked my butt in rummy).
I did figure out the shower this morning. I ended up with about a minute of warm (or at least not cold) water. It was more than enough time for my to wash my stink off! We've spent most of the morning thus far exploring more of the city. We are heading to the bank in a few minutes to take care of some financial business.


  1. So interesting and glad you are taking time to post. Hopefully Sam will send you some pics of the things going on here today at his mom and dad's. Love you guys. Granny

  2. I feel like I'm getting a history lesson as I keep up with you guys. Love it!! I'm so glad you are experiencing the city and culture. Take in as much as you can.

    Love you both. Your posts help me not be so home sick for you. :)

  3. Cameron and Jessie,
    Read Psalm 121 in the Message. It is my prayer for you today. Have a good day and know we are praying for you always. Love you, Granny

  4. hey guys it sounds like you all are experiencing some awesome things and I am proud of you all. Good luck on your first day of classes.

    love you guys, poppy Paul