Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today is work day number 2 for our last team here at Agua Viva. Jessie and I are certainly very excited about returning home and seeing our family and friends but it is also going to be very difficult to leave here. We are so thankful for the way God brought us on this journey. I think it has been a perfect way for Jessie and I to start married life together. I can see the way God has used our time here to grow and mold us and I know that he will bless all of you who supported us in any way.

This afternoon we're visiting some Mayan ruins that are near by... I'm really excited to do that because we passed on that opportunity during our honeymoon and it's one thing we've regretted... hopefully this will make up for it.

Also, the Lord has continued to teach me patience and the need to trust in Him (this is a difficult lesson for me!) as I search for a job in the Muncie area for the upcoming school year. (Side note: Job searching from 3000 miles away and solely via internet is a very difficult task) Jessie and I have continued to pray that the Lord would provide something in order for me to pay the rent and allow us at least 1 meal a day :) I just received an e-mail back today about a position within the athletic department at Taylor University (about 25 minutes from Muncie) and they seem very interested in my qualifications and want to discuss the position with me further. Please pray that I make the most of my opportunity to interview for the position. Also pray that whatever God has planned regarding the position and my job situation as a whole that I will get out of the way and let Him do his thing.

We love everyone back home and look forward to seeing you in a week or so.