Monday, July 26, 2010


We just finished up with day one of VBS! (Although the kids here are actually in school right now so it's not actually vacation) The team this week has put a lot of time and thought into putting a 3 hour program together for today, tomorrow, and wednesday about the story of Daniel. The children from Agua Viva must attend of course but today there were around 40 children from the small town near the home that also attended. I think the Lord is going to use this to reach some children that haven't heard about Jesus. Please pray that some children come to know the Lord this week through VBS.


  1. Praying for VBS but always praying for your work there. Love, Granny

  2. I have posted a message from Mom on your fb messages. You must be very busy with this week's large group. Look forward to seeing all your pictures and hearing all your stories. Always praying for you and the work. Love Granny

  3. This post came in during our small group bible study, so I shared it with the group. Lots of prayers headed your way every week, but especially anxious to hear how this week went with the large mission team and VBS. Counting the days till we see your smiling faces.