Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back in Antigua!

Wednesday is a "tourism" day for the teams that come to Agua Viva. The team this week was planning on visiting Lake Panchel (something Jessie and I were very excited about) but because we have had a good bit of rain this week the trip to the lake had to be canceled and the team instead came to Antigua. After eating lunch I decided I would go find a barber to trim my beard. I wasn't sure how well I could explain what I wanted but when it was all said and done my beard is trimmed exactly the way I hoped it would be. I finally look like a human being again!

I have also made a new friend in a young man named Logan. He is 25 and grew up at Agua Viva. When he was 18 he received a study visa for the U.S. and also got a soccer scholarship to Seton Hill (not Hall) College just outside of Pittsburgh. He double majored in Spanish and International business and graduated about a year ago. He has decided to return to Agua Viva for the foreseeable future to, as he puts it, "try to give a little back to a place that gave me so much." He got to Agua Viva last night and all of the boys look up to him so much. As he told me about himself today I couldn't help but think about how generous he was being with himself. His visa in the states is good for 2 more years and it can easily be renewed. He could have stayed in the U.S. (something he said was tempting) and lived a much easier life. But instead Logan has answered God's call and returned to Agua Viva. Even with a college degree he said he will help in any way possible... building roads... mowing grass... working in the garden. He's perspective shows much wisdom as he said, "I'm giving all of myself to God and for right now that means giving all of myself to Agua Viva." I hope I can say the same thing each time the Lord calls on me.

On that note, I listened to the Southland Christian Church podcast yesterday. It was a sermon by Jon Weece (in my opinion simply one of the best) called, "Refresh others and you will be refreshed." It was a fantastic message and I would recommend you give it a listen if you have time. You can find it here.

I will also include a couple of pictures of things I've written about in past posts.


  1. Guys, James and I are so very proud of you. I'd be amiss to say that I'm not a little envious of your experiences there. :) The Lord certainly knew what He was doing when He challenged you at CIY and had your wife ready to go with you. We are continuing to pray for you, as we know this is just the beginning of the "Cameron and Jessie Adventures With God"! We love you lots!!

    The Kuhls

  2. Love the pictures. Love the post. So thankful. You make me cry every time I read about your adventure with God. Granny (of course)

  3. Love the beard!

  4. Catching up on your blog has made us so homesick for AV. love you all!!

  5. It is so easy to see God working though you guys. I expect it will be hard to leave when you are making such an impact. Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all the stories. Love you both...your posts touch my heart. Cameron, will you take a picture of Jessie with some of the little ones she plays with too?

  6. Glad to see Leonidas still has a soft side.