Tuesday, July 6, 2010

(Cameron Writing)

Jessie and I had a wonderful weekend as we were able to spend it with the people at Agua Viva. Jennifer (an American going on her 5th year working at AV) picked us up at 8 am on Saturday morning. It only took about 40 minutes to make the trip from Antigua to AV and Jennifer used the time to explain some things about the home and the area. We were only able to stay on campus for a couple of hours before we were off to pick up the team flying in from the US. (They had been delayed an entire day) The trip was a little rough for Jessie as the school bus jerked and bumped the entire hour and 15 minutes to the airport. We picked up the team with no problems but the ride back was a long one as a construction detour in Chimaltenango (the city nearest AV) had us waiting in traffic for about 45 minutes.

Saturday evening and Sunday were very fun as we hung out with the kids at AV and got to know the team from Kansas City.

One of the guys on the team insisted on calling me Leonidas, a reference to a character on the movie 300. I one thing I have in common with Leonidas right now is the fact that I forgot my beard trimmer thus haven't trimmed it in about 3 weeks. Jessie thought the long beard gave me a "taliban-esq" look. I like Leonidas better.

The church service on Sunday was great. There are 6 or so students from Agua Viva that make up the worship band and they did a fantastic job.

We spent Sunday afternoon hanging out with the students and I watched the older boys from AV take on a team made up of boys from the small colonial (village) near the home in a game of futbol (soccer). It was a fiercely competitive game and in the end the boys from AV were victorious 6-5.

Sunday evening we had smores around the campfire and the students played some games. All in all it was a very fun weekend and we both are so ready to start our time there.

We left Agua Viva at 7 am on Monday morning to return to Antigua in time for class at 8. We were both pretty tired but Jessie was still on top of her game and was able to pass the Grade "A" level test to move up. I am taking my test tomorrow and we'll see if all that I've learned is apparent.

We'll post again soon.


  1. It all sounds so wonderful. I am sure you both will do well with the children and the teams coming in. I agree with Jessie, I think. You may get detained again!! Can you check fb? Do you have to make that trip as the teams come and go? I am not sure exactly what you will be doing, I guess. It is very hot here again 95,96 but not so humid. Love, Granny

  2. Love following your blog. We are at the NACC with my sister and family in Indy. It is her church, Southwoods Christian Church, from Overland Park, KS that has been there at Aqua Viva. We had just been discussing whether you would get a chance to meet any of them. Keep studying. I know you both will do well there. Love, Cheri (Bob, too)

  3. Thanks for all the fabulous updates Cameron...So sorry that Jessie struggled a little with the bus trip..they are difficult, but a way of life there. I know the boys at AV are excited about futbol, especially given the world cup..That field will be a great place to build relationships. You posted prior that you felt like you lost a good portion of your audience (i.e camp, Haiti)...I'll try to keep up for them since they are out-of-country...the team continues to do well, in spite of circumstances much more difficult than they imagined..continue to soak up Antiqua and know you guys are in our prayers....BTW..Love you but Leonidas may be a stretch..(except for the beard)...:-)
    - Jeff

  4. You need to check fb messages. Nothing serious just need an answer. from dad via granny

  5. Missing your posts! Missing you both! Hungry for more of what you are up to. Love you.