Friday, July 23, 2010


Sorry it's been so long with no post. It's been a very busy and tiring week. Jessie had a battle with (we think) strep throat. She took the antibiotic we brought with us and is feeling back to normal again. The team we had this week was from Mobile, Alabama and they were a joy. They worked very hard and were so much fun. On Wednesday night the entire home just sat around the campfire and sang worship songs and shared testimonies. It was my favorite night so far. There is something very special about hearing worship songs go up in different languages and thinking about how much joy that sound must bring the Lord. Thanks for the continued prayers. We're sorry we didn't post it a while... I knew it was bad when Granny was posting about it on my facebook wall!! :) We can't wait to see everyone. We come home 2 weeks from this coming Monday. Much love from us to you!


  1. Good to see a new post! Thanks for keeping us up to date even though we know you guys are busy. So glad to hear Jessie is back to normal. The great physician was "in" and taking care of her!

    The campfire time sounds awesome. Perhaps it was a little like Scenic Hills campfire time, with a twist! Love you and can't wait to hug on you both!

  2. You don't know how long I had been "biting my finger". I know you are busy and I didn't want to be a nag :) Glad Jessie is feeling well again. Grandad had a little accident today while working on the bed, so I doubt it will be done when you get home but close. Nothing too serious but will put him out of commission for a week probably. He says he doesn't know how he did it and is upset with himself since he prides himself on safety. The quilt will be ready though.:) I am so thankful that the Lord is faithful and blessing you in your time there. Love you.